Associate Director Program

Thank you for your interest in serving as a TrailNorth Associate Director.

TrailNorth’s Board Governs with an emphasis on outward vision, strategic leadership, a clear distinction between Board and President’s roles, and proactivity.  Members of the Board and Associate Directors are expected to exercise sound judgment with utmost honesty and integrity while adhering to all TrailNorth policies, procedures, statutory and regulatory requirements. Please be advised that if you are appointed as an Associate Director, you are required to commit to a minimum of 12 meetings per year in addition to other committee meetings to which you may be appointed. Furthermore, you will be expected to expand your knowledge and understanding by attendance at credit union-related seminars, conferences, or other educational opportunities – at the credit union’s expense.

Interested in Applying for the Associate Director Program?

  1. Review the minimum criteria below.
  2. Download our application packet 
  3. Review packet and complete all necessary information. 
  4. Mailing Instructions are included in the application packet.

If you have any questions during the process, please contact Shawn Hayes at 518-585-6725 ext. 2226

Before serving as an Associate Director, all applicants must meet the following minimum criteria:

  • Must be a member or joint owner* in good standing for a minimum of one (1) year
  • Must be at last 18 years of age
  • Credit report must demonstrate the ability to manage personal finances
  • Must be no criminal violation conviction
  • All applicants must return the following completed documentation:
  • Associate Director Application Download or Online
  • Cover letter and resume may be substituted for the Associate Director Application
  • Consumer Report Disclosure
  • Notarized Affidavit

* Any associate Director candidate who is a joint owner must become a TrailNorth member upon acceptance of the Associate Director position.