Wire Transfer Instructions


Wire $___________ to: Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union, 1021 Watervliet Shaker Road, Albany, NY 12205.

ABA# 221381715

Further Credit to: TrailNorth Federal Credit Union, 1178 NYS Rte 9N, Ticonderoga, NY 12883

Acct # 221380457

Final credit to: (Member's name and account number)


TrailNorth offers low cost, reliable, and fast money transfers.

NOTICE: Due to increased security procedures on outgoing wire transfer transactions, all members wishing to initiate an outgoing wire transfer will be required to complete a funds/wire transfer agreement with TrailNorth. The agreement will only need to be completed once and will require a government-issued picture ID, along with the current address and phone number, and a member-created password.

Wire transfers that are not completed IN-PERSON require the completion of two forms:

  1. Wire Transfer Request Form
  2. Wire Transfer Agreement Form   The wire transfer agreement form is generally only required once as it contains instructions for us for future wires. If you have previously completed a “remote” (not in-person) wire with us, then there is a strong probability we have a completed wire transfer agreement form on file for you. If you are unsure if you have previously completed a wire transfer agreement form, please contact our Accounting Department at (518) 585-6725 extension 2200. Fees associated with wire transfers can be found on our fee schedule.

Both forms will need to be completely in their entirety. Blank or incomplete fields may delay the submission of your wire request. Below you will find the necessary information required. If the forms are NOT signed at TrailNorth Federal Credit Union, your signature MUST be signed in front of a notary public.

Domestic wires

  • Payee’s Name
  • Payee’s Physical Address
  • Payee’s Best Contact Phone Number
  • Payee’s Account Number
  • Name and physical address of financial institution receiving funds.
  • ABA (routing #) of the financial institution receiving funds.
  • Purpose of wire transfer (i.e., escrow for home purchase, vehicle purchase, etc.)
  • Corresponding or intermediary financial institution name and routing number (if applicable)

International wires

  • Payee’s Name
  • Payee’s Physical Address
  • Payee’s Best Contact Phone Number
  • Payee’s Account number
  • Payee’s Account type (e.g., checking, savings, brokerage)
  • International Financial Institution Account Number (IBAN) or Clave Bancaria Estandarizada (CLABE)
  • Type of currency (USD or foreign currency type)
  • Are funds being converted from USD to foreign currency or are the funds being sent in USD
  • Receiving Financial Institution Name and physical address
  • SWIFT/BIC of receiving financial institution.
  • Corresponding or intermediary bank name and routing number (if applicable)
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