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Instant Balance

Check your Balance in Seconds with Instant Balance!

Instant Balance is new on your TFCU Mobile App. By using this new feature you can reduce the amount of effort it takes checking your balance. Instant Balance allows you to see your chosen account balance without logging in. 

Instant Balance is a secure, read-only feature that uses the same pre-authenticated balance inquiry used for delivering balances via text message (SMS). It cannot be used to complete transactions, and account numbers are always masked. Since no login occurs, no sensitive authentication or account information is transmitted during the interaction. 

Please note that by default, Instant Balance is not enabled. To use Instant Balance you must first opt in. 


Enable Instant Balance 

  • Log in to your TFCU app
  • Click on the more tab in the bottom right corner
  • Select Instant Balance
  • First, you must toggle the Instant Balance feature to the “on” position 
  • Once toggled on, Instant Balance Settings will display your list of available accounts viewable before login. You must choose which accounts you would like to see balances for when using the feature. Up to six balances can be shown per user.
  • Checkmarks should be displayed next to the accounts you have selected and you will then need to hit SAVE.  Instant Balance should then be active and accounts chosen. 
  • A confirmation screen will then display
  • The next time you use the app, you can tap the Instant Balance icon in the top-right corner of the login screen to view desired balances without logging in
  • You can return to Instant Balance Settings from the More menu after logging in at any time to reconfigure the feature, or to disable it completely


If you would like to learn more about the feature, press the Instant Balance icon in the top-right corner of the login page on the TFCU mobile app. An introduction will prompt you to “Log in and Set up,” or choose “Not Now” to dismiss the introduction screen.