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Foreign Currency Exchange

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TFCU offers foreign currency for over 100 countries at competitive exchange rates. Members may make a foreign currency purchase with the assistance of a Teller at any of our branch locations or purchase currency online at the link below.

Benefits of Foreign Currency Exchange include:

  • Avoid paying VISA or MasterCard surcharges on your international purchases
  • Skip the hassle and risk associated with exchanging cash overseas
  • Currency Price Protection - Return any unused foreign currency at the same rate as originally purchased

Your checking or savings account will be debited for the cost of the purchase. You may select whether to have the currency shipped to your home/office or to a TFCU branch location.

To purchase foreign currency online, please access the ezForex website.

TrailNorth Federal Credit Union offers access to Foreign Currency as a service to its members. In so doing, TFCU does not offer analysis or advice on the purchasing power of the US Dollar against any foreign currency or the advantages or disadvantages of doing so. Members are in the best position to determine whether a foreign currency purchase is right for them at any given time.