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VISA Credit Card

The Right Card for You, Now with Better Security

EMV / Chip cards offer more security to you – the cardholder, which is why we are pleased to distribute EMV / chip-enabled credit and debit cards in the coming months. 

Watch a video to learn about the enhanced security features and how to use a chip-enabled card.


We are proud to have our VISA® credit card named as one of the fairest and ethical credit card programs in the nation by Credit Card Connection.

Here are features that differentiate our card from other national cards:

  • Same Rate for Purchases, Cash Advances & Balance Transfers – 14.0% Annual Percentage Rate only on the unpaid balance. (Coming soon – lowered rates via our earned rate program).
  • SCORECARD Rewards
  • No Cash Advance or Balance Transfer Fees – There is no charge for a member to withdraw cash or bring a balance over from another credit card
  • No Penalty/Default Rates – If your payment is late, your rate will not increase
  • No Annual Fee – You should not have to pay a fee simply for carrying a credit card
  • Late Fee – $25 late fee is assessed only after your payment is 15 days past the due date
  • Smart Chip Technology
  • Purchase Alerts,1,nAPa-xOsPMls4k3oP8ifkraH-djKhgatzJ9VQC12ZlFFkM18dwpUtEFko9vHKtzf4gMRJ43BlMFVfTrf2-HGqjj8tQn7H6i5WfdN7UUHxA,,&typo=1





Access your TFCU VISA account online

  • View your account balances
  • Check available credit
  • View past and current statements
  • Download data to financial software
  • View transactions since your last statement
  • Search and view up to 18 months of the transaction history
  • Pay your bill online
  • View transactions and spending reports
  • Receive e-mail or mobile alerts of conditions/events affecting your account

EZ Card Info

If you have a TFCU VISA, we invite you to enroll at:

For questions, please call the 24-Hour VISA Help Line: 800-423-7503

To report a Lost or Stolen VISA Credit Card: Call 518-585-6725, select Option 3 and follow the prompts

To update your contact information including mailing address, contact TFCU at 518-585-6725 or email

For VISA Credit Card Balance Information: 800-299-9842


VISA Disclosure

VISA Credit Card Terms and Conditions



Verified by Visa adds an extra layer of security at the point where you enter credit card information when making online purchases. Register Your Credit Card with Verified by Visa

Know Your Rights: Learn About the Changes with The Credit Card Act of 2009