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Auto Loan Refinance

Happier Roads Start HereWe all would love to put a little extra money in our pocket. 

Let TrailNorth refinance your current auto loan, and you could save an average of $492 per year**,  plus hundreds—or even thousands of dollars—on interest charges over the loan’s lifespan.

Don't waste another minute paying more for your auto loan than you need to. We look forward to saving you money.,1,nAPa-xOsPMls4k3oP8ifkraH-djKhgatzJ9VQC12ZlFFkM18dwpUtEFko9vHKtzf4gMRJ43BlMFVfTrf2-HGqjj8tQn7H6i5WfdN7UUHxA,,&typo=1





  Current Loan TrailNorth Loan
  $30,000 Loan Balance $30,000 Loan Balance
  5.99%APR* Interest Rate 2.99%APR* Interest Rate
  5 Years Remaining 5 Years Remaining
  $580 Monthly Payment $539 Monthly Payment

TOTAL SAVINGS over the life of the loan could be $2,454 **

*APR Equal Annual Percentage Rate.
Refinancing is not available for autos already financed with TrailNorth Federal Credit Union. Rates can vary based on creditworthiness and term of the loan

** Savings estimate based on refinancing a 60-month term loan of $30,000 with an APR of 5.99%, to a 60-month term loan of $30,000 with an APR of 2.99% and a monthly payment of $539. Actual savings may vary.