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TrailNorth Federal Credit Union celebrated the groundbreaking for its new administrative office on September 21st. The new building will be located adjacent to 's current Ticonderoga branch.

The ceremony kicked off with TrailNorth's CEO Shawn Hayes, thanking those who attended. He highlighted the Credit Union's core values and how continued growth ensures a healthy, vibrant, and thriving credit union now and long into the future. In closing, he stressed our commitment to giving back and how we are excited to bring this new building to life in the community where we began.

When complete, the project will relocate many of the administrative staff in the Ticonderoga branch currently. By creating more space in the branch, we can offer a comfortable environment for members to ask questions and for us to provide additional products and services.

Building construction is expected to be complete in the spring of 2022.

Building updates may be found at:

On Hand to Celebrate:
TrailNorth Leadership, Volunteers, Community Leaders, AEDA (Architectural & Engineering Design Associates) and, VMJR Construction Associates.
On Hand for Groundbreaking
  • Pam Nolan - TrailNorth Director of Office Operations, Facilities & Special Projects
  • Bill Barnhart - TrailNorth Supervisory Committee Member
  • Rick McClintock- TrailNorth Board Member
  • Carolyn Ida - TACC Board Chair
  • Pat Ida - TrailNorth Board Chair
  • Anne Dreimiller - TrailNorth Board Member
  • Shawn M. Hayes - TrailNorth President/CEO
  • Amy Manfred - TrailNorth Executive & Human Resources Administrator
  • Wendy Courtright - TrailNorth Chief Member Experience Officer
  • Matt Courtright - TACC President & CEO
  • Cory Phinney - TrailNorth Chief Financial Officer
  • Joe Giordano - Town of Ticonderoga Supervisor
  • Donna Wotten - Ti Alliance Executive Director
  • John Bossalini- Project Manager
  • Toby Collier - Site Superintendent
  • Marc Murray - VMJR Senior Project Manager
  • Jim Abdallah - AEDA Vice President
  • Shane Chatelle - AEDA Project Architect